Travel.Radio “Your Digital Radio Destination Station and so much more”

Technology is a crucial component of the travel and tourism industry, helping businesses with day-to-day tasks and improving the CX (that’s fancy marketing lingo for “Customer Service”). Voice search, luggage assisting robots, autonomous security, contactless payments, facial recognition, AR, VR, AI are all emerging technologies that were created for or incubated in one of the largest industries in the world, the travel industry. Travel and Tourism accounted for 292 Million Jobs and 10.2% of Global GDP (pre-pandemic). This is a massive community scattered far and wide, consisting of transportation (air, car, water, coach, rail), accommodation, food and beverage, entertainment and a host of other connected industries, so large that even if you could see it’s ends they would be hard to even define.

Technology has also linked the two. The hub is at Travel.Radio.

The travel industry and digital audio go together like milk and biscuits. peanut butter and jelly, fish and chips! The right combination of news, interviews, commentary, music, insights and information pertaining to the travel industry. If Travel.Radio were a cocktail it would be the Bramble. An utterly random and seemingly incompatible concoction of ingredients that, when come together, just works. Upon first sip, the Bramble shocks the palate with a refreshing explosiveness. Then moments later you begin to feel that unmistakable feisty, fun, potentially-a-danger-to-yourself gin buzz. Its invigorating, refreshing, and comforting all at the same time. Eclectic. Different. Unique…… yet Familiar, as it is radio in the true sense with a love for all things related to travel. That is Travel.Radio.

Just as the Travel industry is much more than the physical transplantation of people from one place to another but also the services they receive along the way, Travel.Radio is so much more than streaming audio curtailed for the Travel industry. Because, here's the thing - I’m not in the Travel industry…not even close. My occupation is as different from anything remotely associated with the Travel industry as my everyday life would be from a fictional inhabitant of Mars. But I love Travel.Radio! It is laced with a leading line up of presenters with British accents (save for the lone smooth tenor American, Joe Malerba) and British accents are, to the non-British ear, awesome! Sophisticated, stouthearted and cheeky, yet somewhat incomprehensible, “British” has my vote for “language-best suited for Radio”. Hosts such as Deb Henley, Sam Lupson, Marc Johnson, Dave Clare, Paul Charles, Andy Harmer and Del Willden (the cinnamon stick that stirs the proverbial Bramble) have extensive tenure in the travel industry. Mikey Scott, Josef Hollywood, Rob James and the celebrity of the bunch, Sam Kane, have all been in or around the entertainment industry their entire lives. Moreover, this entire lineup is World Class. Leo Jones, Katrina Leeder, and of course the incomparable duo of “Emma and Pete” with world renowned psychologist, TV presenter, writer, and expert media commentator, Emma Kenny. One must not forget of course, a brilliant group of writers, podcasters, and contributors to the Travel.Radio family, Harriet Flitton, Lady Janey, Brian Young, and Pip Jones. For the party scene, we turn to Mr. Anthony Brown in the Weekend Party Room. Anthony brings a certain vibe to the radio station with his funny banter and love for all things related to party and dance music.  Another example of connecting the party scene with your favorite travel destinations.      

For me, it’s somewhat of a subjective appeal. I have a real soft spot in my heart for the UK. A six-month study abroad as a university student has permanently impressed a piece of London into my mind and spirit. It is when I realized the world was shrinking well before the internet. I discovered a little British Band called Oasis. I thought how cool it would be to introduce them to all of my friends when I returned to the states, only to find out that when I got home, they were even more popular here. Speaking of Oasis – it strikes me as somewhat peculiar with a format that traverses the entire map of musical genres, both past and present, that they are the ONE band I don’t hear much of on Travel.Radio. It’s entirely possible that Liam Gallagher once insulted the program director. Regardless, Travel.Radio has both fed and increased my appetite for an eclectic musical experience. All their songs share one common vertical… ‘Great’. As far as mixing it up goes, Travel.Radio holds the title and everyone else is the challenger. I don’t’ know how they do it. I’ve been a music fan all of my life and for the past decade or so of that life have been trapped somewhere between bored and disgusted with the current state of the music industry.  Travel.Radio has opened up an escape hatch and exposed me to some highly curated tune‘age that has World-appeal. Check out for example this, random compilation of artists that I’ve heard just while writing this glow-fest: Tom Grennan, Katrina and the Waves, ELO, Dua Lipa, The Temptations (featuring David Ruffin, because without him, who cares?), Shirley Bassey, The Coors (performing a great cover of ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac) , Erasure, Alex Party, Girls Aloud (they do a great cover of ‘Jump’ by the Pointer Sisters), Backstreet and my favorite “new” “boy”-band, Blue…. “Baby Can you feel me!?”

Scattered between top global smash hits are lovely little reminders that Travel and Tourism front liners everywhere are listening with station idents such as “Your flight is boarding from gate 22!”, “will that be a single or double room?” or “can I have your booking reference?”. It gives me that fuzzy, free feeling one has when they are making their way to a vacation destination as well as a special feeling that I’m an honorary member of some planetary social club. This Cozy electric crossroads for music, travel, tourism, culture and commentary couldn’t be gaining critical mass at a better time. As streaming audio has taken off (no pun intended) the travel industry, ravaged by the pandemic, is about to follow suit. With pent up demand, a surplus of disposable income and recently vaccinated folks celebrating their newly found freedom with “Vaxications”, Bloomberg News reports that “inquiries to travel agencies and bookings through travel websites have been booming.”

The Travel industry needs some connective tissue, needs a mouthpiece. Radio fans need something new and different. Travel.Radio to the rescue! Their tag is “You’re Destination Station – take them wherever you go”. But I’d like to suggest expanding on that …. “You’re Destination station – take them wherever you go or let it take you away”.