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A new study has revealed that Romania is Europe’s best gambling holiday destination.  

 The research, conducted by online gambling site Casinogrounds, analysed the number of casinos and the average cost of hotels in 35 European countries, and combined the results into a weighted index with a score out of 10, to find out the best gambling holiday destinations.  

 According to results, the 10 best European gambling holiday destinations are: 


With a total number of 439 casinos, and the second cheapest cost of hotels after Albania, Romania is the best holiday destination for gambling, with a final score of 9.7. 

 Czech Republic 

Registering the second highest number of casinos (421) and an average cost of hotel compared to the other countries (£38.17), Czechia is the second-best gambling holiday destination, with a final score of 8.6. 


With 223 entertainment spots and an hotel room costing around £39.88, Slovakia is the third best holiday destination for gamblers, recording score of 6.4 on the final index. 


Croatia is the fourth best holiday destination for gamblers, with a 6.1 final index, according to the findings. Despite recording a lower number of casinos compared to other countries such as France (189), Netherlands (188) and UK (167), Croatia ranks fourth, thanks to the cheaper average cost of hotel rooms (£33.18). 


Despite county only 54 casinos in total, Albania is the fifth best gambling destination, according to the study, with a final index of 6. This is probably due to the very cheap average cost of hotel rooms per night (£14.19). 

 A spokesperson for Casinogrounds said: “It is interest to see a lot of countries from Eastern Europe rank high in the ranking, thanks to the cheaper costs of hotel rooms compared to other countries. For people who are keen to have some fund gambling on holiday, this data highlights that there are plenty of options all over Europe, with amazing, picturesque casinos in every country.” 

 The research was carried out by, the leading online gambling community, which promotes safe and responsible practice and discussions around gambling. 

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