Our #TackleTheTrolls campaign takes off

The Travel.Radio  #TackleTheTrolls campaign is gaining momentum after almost 70 people contacted us in less than a week to say they have been the target of online bullies.

Our media partner Travel Weekly has also highlighted the campaign in their online edition and social media.

Travel.Radio announced the campaign last week following claims that several travel agents had seen their businesses affected by false claims made online by cyber bullies. Some had also suffered personal and homophobic abuse.

The radio station and presenters have also been targeted and have pledged to name and shame the culprits once they are caught and charged.

Debbie Henley, CEO of Travel.Radio, said: “We knew there was an inherent problem with online bullies targeting people in the travel industry but had no idea it was on this scale. I personally am shocked by some of the stories I’ve heard.

“Almost everyone has asked us to protect their identity for fear of further reprisals, but we are working to support them through this campaign.  We are planning an on-air debate with some of our presenters who have been affected and will invite people to take part anonymously. We are also looking at ways of funding practical help like employing IT experts to help them trace the IP addresses of the trolls which is what we at Travel.Radio have been forced to do. All this information will be passed on to the Police.”

A special email address trollingsupport@travel.radio has been set up for online bullying victims to register their support.

Excerpts from some of the emails we have received:

“The detrimental effects on me are marked and I need it to stop. I have contacted the Police on previous occasions and will do again after the latest diatribes which are broadcast deliberately to incite hatred and cause psychological harm”

“The law needs to stop this now. Many innocent people are having their lives and livelihoods destroyed in what can only be described as well organised thuggery.”

“I have been targetted and I have been harassed and bullied”

“Yes I've been trolled... makes me feel scared and distrusting of everyone.”

“I have been the victim of this process. I get it that the internet is open to all but we are all human and it should be a place where we can openly debate”

“I have had to put up with aggressive and personal attacks by people who don’t even know me ,but have been encouraged by big institutions to make personal attacks. I suffer depression, anxiety and panic attacks from this constant bullying and aggression,  it’s just not acceptable”  

Trolls are a huge issue. Mostly the trolling I get is for supporting various people … they then attack me as a person. I often get the vicious trolls in the inbox which more than anything are the sneaky snipers”



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