Resilient Pilot reaches beyond the flight deck


Good news for airline crew as Resilient Pilot, the free pilot mentoring service which supports the pilot community, is expanding its reach to include cabin crew colleagues.

With so many pilots impacted by COVID 19, Resilient Pilot was set up as a free mentoring and support service to ensure they are equipped to fly safely again when full airline operations and recruitment resume.

The success of Resilient Pilot captured the attention of cabin crew so the service is to be extended to them from April and will be called Resilient Crew. It will follow the same format of a one-stop web-based resource for them to draw upon for support.

The not-for-profit service is run by volunteers, and the expansion comes as they launch a new social media campaign ‘Reaching Beyond the Flight Deck’ which will run from April 5- 11.

The campaign aims to celebrate all aviation professionals. not just pilots, and showcase the huge team effort required to get an aircraft and its crew and passengers from the departure airport to their final destination.

Each day their social media channels,  LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, will focus on a different individual in a specific role within aviation, including flight dispatchers, cabin crew, ATC and customer relations among others.

CEO and Founder of Resilient Pilot, Karen Bath, formerly cabin crew, said: “We are so pleased to be able to extend our support to the cabin crew community. It is something we wanted to do when we first launched but we were limited by resources at the time.

“However, the support that has been shown for both pilots and cabin crew during this period has been outstanding and we now have a 70-strong volunteer team on board. As a result, we are  able to extend the same range of predominantly free support to cabin crew around the world.

“Everything we have been doing and will continue to do with Resilient Pilot is centred around maintaining wellbeing and helping to encourage diversity, and this will again be echoed whole heartedly through Resilient Crew.”

Karen Bath

As well as free 1:1 mentoring and coaching, Resilient Crew will provide opportunities to bring flight and cabin crew together through joint webinars and crew room chats.

To mark the launch there will also be a new regular online webinar feature #TuesdayTuneIn.

The first takes place on April 6 and features guest speakers Emma Henderson MBE, CEO of Project Wingman, Alan Williams, Managing Director of Miramar Connect, specialists in redeploying high-flying service professionals, and Trevor Jenkins and Simon Costello, founders of Not Just Crew, a major support hub for cabin crew trying to cope with the impact effects of the pandemic on the aviation industry. They have worked alongside IATA (International Air Transport Association) to design a formal qualification for cabin crew that will help them transition into a new role, while also enabling them to re-enter their flying career at a later date.

This panel of guest speakers will be joined by Resilient Pilot co-founders COO Stuart Beech and Karen Bath, as well as founding Resilient Crew mentors Tom Axson and Jordan Milano Hazrati.

Stuart Beech said: “We are extremely proud to be able to offer this support network for cabin crew, built on the all-important foundations that Resilient Pilot is centred on, and continuing to collaborate with other industry professionals. We are a not-for-profit organisation and don’t profess to be experts, but champions of good practice and will signpost useful resources to the international pilot, and cabin crew communities.”

For more information on Resilient Pilot, Resilient Crew and to book your free spot at the Resilient Crew launch #TuesdayTuneIn on 6th April, visit