- BTA reveals UK to US travel up by 196% from November week one following reopening of US borders -

18th November, 2021 – Today, the Business Travel Association (BTA) has revealed that the UK lost £4.15 billion in GDP in the second week of November, due to the lower level of business travel trips following Covid-19*.

 Since the reopening of US borders on 8th November, the BTA and Travelogix have witnessed the lowest downturn in travel across their top ten business travel destinations since their tracker began in May 2021. The Association’s latest figures reveal UK to US travel saw an uplift of 196.53% in November week two versus November week one.

  Data from Travelogix also shows that, in the second week of November 2021, international business travel trips from the UK were 59.47% lower than the same week in 2019, and there were 325,371 fewer international and domestic business travel trips – a reduction of 56.31%.

 Whilst the downturn in domestic and international travel remains significant compared to the same week in 2019, this is lowest reduction of domestic and international travel combined since May 2021. International and domestic travel has returned to around 43.87% of 2019 figures.

 The data shows that the lower levels of business travel to:

 Germany have cost UK GDP £591 million this week,

  • USA have cost UK GDP £558 million this week,
  • Singapore have cost UK GDP £499 million this week,
  • Republic of Ireland have cost UK GDP £390 million this week, and
  • Spain have cost UK GDP £319 million this week.

 The reduction of business travel trips has cost UK GDP £110.64 billion since the Association’s Business Travel Tracker began in May 2021.

 The twenty fourth edition of the BTA’s Business Travel Tracker can be found here.

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 Notes to Editors

 * Data from leading travel data provider Travelogix shows this decrease in business travel trips across ten key international destinations has cost UK GDP £3.16 billion, and an additional £0.99 billion from domestic business travel, equalling a total of £4.15 billion loss to UK GDP over the second week of November 2021.

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